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Unfortunately, computers don’t always run like they’re designed to. A virus may cause a computer to crash or it may do so after a driver or program has been installed. Whatever, the issue is, fixing the problem becomes of paramount importance. For individuals that have a Windows 7 operating system, it is possible, in many instances, to recover and restore the computer’s system so that it once again works like it’s supposed to.

When a computer’s operating system begins to go on the blink because of the installation of a driver or program, uninstalling it will oftentimes, fix the problem, though, not always. When it does not, it becomes necessary to take additional measures. Restoring the computer to a previous date will often do the trick.

The System Restore feature restores the system’s files to an earlier time. It’s so effective because it does so without changing any of the files. Windows 7 System Protection feature will automatically create restore points and save them. These points contain a plethora of information including registry settings. These points can also be manually created.

It is important to note that the System Restore function will not recover every file a person has. For instance, it can do nothing about damaged or deleted personal files. A backup up program is more helpful in that regard.

The first step in using the System Restore feature is to press the Start button. A search box will appear. When it does, the next step is to type “System Restore” in it and then click “System Restore” when the option appears. It may also be necessary to type in a password or provide confirmation.

The Recovery function found in the Control Panel is another effective way to fix Windows 7 problems. To use it, click the Start button and then click on Control Panel button. A search box will appear. The next step is to type “recovery” into the search box and then click on the ‘Recovery” option. System image backups can be used for this purpose as well.

Windows 7 has several built-in system recovery tool options. They are Startup Repair, System Restore, System Image Recovery, Windows Memory Diagnostic and Command Prompt. These can be used to restore a computer so that it runs as it should. It might require a little trial and error to determine which one will fix for the problem. However, one of the aforementioned should help restore the system so that it is runs smoothly.

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Windows7 Recovery is the premier resource to aid in the recovery of corrupted or damaged data files. Data Recovery is the process of recovering lost, missing, or inaccessible data. File Repair is the process of repairing corrupted files to make them usable again. Data loss is a catastrophic event for any business or individual. Fortunately, most data loss situations can be averted with our Recovery Services. Please follow the instructions on this site for data recovery software and information to repair corrupt or damaged data files.

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